Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for getting your website on the internet?

How much does a web design cost?

Do I really need a website?
Can I update the website myself?

How much does it cost if I want you to update it for me?
How long does it take to build a website?
Can I just design a website myself?
Can you guarantee my website will be listed in the major search engines?
What is your payment policy?
What about technical support?
Will I have to use you to revise or update my web site?


What is the process for getting your website on the internet? The first step is to choose a name. The name you would like to have should represent your company in the simplest manner possible. (the more complex the less memorable). Once you have a few ideas the proposed names will need to be checked to find out if someone else has this name registered. We assist our clients in the naming of their web and whether a given name is free to use and register.

Once you settle on a name you like that is not taken, it needs to be registered for use on the internet with a *domain name server company. We also assist you in this process. The cost is less than twenty dollars or so to have your name registered for several years. We make sure your name does not lapse and is renewed after the registered time period.

The next step is to find a web hosting provider. This is a company that has servers or big computers that make available all the files and content of your website available on the internet. 2behold Productions also takes care of your hosting needs. You also have the option of choosing another company to host your website. This has nothing to do with the creation and maintenance of your site. It is just the large computer or (server) that holds your files.

What is a domain name? A domain name is simply a system for providing a human-memorable name for a particular computer on the Internet. Simply speaking, computers have numerical addresses, sort of like a phone number. The domain name system provides a translation from a name to the appropriate number (sort of a directory assistance for the Internet). For example, is much easier than for people to type and remember.

The domain name system allows you to type into your browser.. The software on your computer then translates this name into the IP address for you and makes the connection. It's as if your phone were smart enough to transparently call directory assistance if you told it to call someone whose phone number you and it didn't know.

The Internet is based on a series of standard technical *protocols which allow computers located around the world to access specified files on other computer

*Imagine the number of people communicating in the world, the number of different languages they use, the number of different machines they use, the number of ways in which they transmit data and the different software they use. We would never be able to communicate worldwide if there were no ‘standards’ governing the way we communicate and the way our machines treat data. These standards are sets of rules.
There are rules governing how data is transferred over networks, how they are compressed, how they are presented on the screen and so on. These set of rules are called protocols. There are many protocols, each one governing the way a certain technology works. For example, the IP protocol defines a set of rules governing the way computers use IP packets to send data over the Internet or any other IP-based network

So how does it work? When you access the Internet, you are simply using a series of protocols that have been developed so that you can view, download, and send and receive data from a computer that isn't yours. It’s that simple.

How much does a web design cost?  The cost of your web development project will vary depending on the purpose of your website. If it is merely an advertising vehicle like a brochure with pages it is called a static site. It is a series of linked pages that paint a picture for your clients. The cost of a site like this will range between 400.00 up to a thousand generally. If your sites purpose is to sell products online or to gather great amounts of information about your clients and be able to display reports and harvest this information for marketing and record keeping the site is called database driven website or dynamic website. This involves computer programming and many more design and testing hours to create. A dynamic site like this can cost from 1200.00 to 3000.00 and higher depending on the complexity.

Do I really need a website?  In most cases yes! In today's business world you put your business in serious disadvantage if you do not have a website. You are simply expected to make basic information about your business or services available on the internet. What time are you open? Where are you located? What kinds of goods or services do you provide? Many of your potential customers will prefer to look up the answers to these questions on your site over calling you on the phone.

Can I update the website myself?   Yes, most websites we build utilize a convenient and user friendly content management system. This allows people with only basic computer skills to update your website using any web browser. If you find it more difficult or not an efficient use of your time, we charge a very reasonable fee to maintain your site for you.

How much does it cost if I want you to update it for me?  We charge $25 per hour billed in 1/2 hour increments. Most simple updates can be done in an hour or less.

   We also offer a combined web hosting and maintenance fee. This cost is relative to your sites sophistication. This charge is negotiated on a case by case basis.

How long does it take to build a website?   A websites can be completed in just a few days, or it can take several months. This depends on the nature of your business and needs. Database driven or static website as discussed before.

Can I just design a website myself?   Yes, but the quality of your finished site will depend on your computer skill set, artistic abilities and marketing background. Most likely if you’re reading this information you are better off having a professional to build your site.

Can you guarantee my website will be listed in the major search engines? Yes and No. Listed? YES. Getting a high ranking and staying there in search engines is not an exact science. We spend many hours in the week keeping informed about how search engines are placing sites in high ranking position. We also study the ever changing web standards that your site should follow to give you the best chances for a high ranking. Our programmers are all graduates with internet technology oriented degrees. We also offer a seasoned staff of qualified graphic artists to assure, not only will we create a technically solid website but an artistic, professional looking one as well.

What is your payment policy?  We require 50% of the price before we begin and the remaining 50% upon completion. We also can offer a monthly charge which includes the domain management, web hosting fee and ongoing development.

What about technical support? If there are any problems with your website's functionality, it is our responsibility to correct them to your satisfaction. However you must be hosting with us for continued technical support. There are situations in which you may be charged if problems develop beyond our control.

Will I have to use you to revise or update my web site?  Only if you choose to have us develop your site on a monthly contract basis. If we are contracted to create your site with a finish point and payment, you are of course free to have who ever you wish maintain your website. With your approval we would make available all files and passwords.